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Wonders of Science Essay 

 Let’s Start the Essay on the Wonders of Science. 

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” (Edward Teller)

Outlines of the Essay –

  1. Introduction
  2. Scientific Inventions
  3. Means of Transport and Communications
  4. Medicine and Surgery
  5. Computers
  6. Mobile Phones
  7. Agriculture
  8. Atomic Energy
  9. Entertainment and Education
  10. Electricity
  11. Disadvantages of science
  12. How to minimize the disadvantages of science
  13. Conclusion

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It is the age of science. There are many wonders of science. It has made our life easier and comfortable. Science plays a vital role in our daily life. It has made dreams and imaginations of man true. By observation of simple events, man has invented great things. Science is nothing but a systematic way of knowledge and living.

Scientific Inventions 

Many scientific inventions have made our life very comfortable. Electricity is the greatest invention of science. It serves us in many ways. It lights our houses; it entertains us with T.V. and radio. It fills our water. It runs trains, mills, and factories. It cools and warms our houses. Motorcars, scooters, railway engines, airplanes, computers, etc. are all inventions of science. Modern life is impossible without these scientific inventions.

Means of Transport and Communications 

Buses, cars, trains, and airplanes have made our travel easier, comfortable, and quicker. A man can reach any part of the world within hours. He has reached other planets with the help of rockets. With the introduction of long-distance telephone calls through S.T.D. and I.S.D., we can talk to our friends and relatives living very far from us. A mobile phone is an excellent service for men.

Medicines and Surgery 

Science has cured man from very dreadful diseases. T. B. and cancer have been controlled. It has made man healthier. In the field of surgery to science has done wonders. Open heart surgery and Heart-transplantation have become possible.


Scientists have invented computers. These are wonderful inventions. Computers can do complex calculations and work quickly. They have solved many problems of the man.

Mobile Phones

A mobile phone is one of the beautiful wonders of science. It has added a new way of communication. It can be moved easily and quickly from one place to another place.


With the help of fertilizers, medicines and better irrigation facilities, we can take bumper crops. “Green Revolution” and “White Revolution” have given us a lot.

Atomic Energy

With the discovery of atomic energy, man has found an endless source of energy. It can fulfil the demands of the energy of the world for a long time.

Entertainment and Education

Science has given us cinema T.V.,  Radio and many other things. It has given us calculators, mobile phone, robots, Cameras and computers, Computer is a great wonder of science. These inventions help in the field of education.


Electricity is a beautiful gift of science. We can’t imagine life without it. It runs our trains, mills and factories. It keeps our houses cold and warm. It has removed darkness from the word.

Disadvantages of science 

Science has given us atom bombs. They can destroy big cities and kill many persons in a few seconds. Big factories and other machines have made water and air polluted.

How to minimize the disadvantages of science

By creating a healthy atmosphere. We can keep the throat of humanity under control. By planting trees and any other ways we can keep our atmosphere clean and healthy.


Science is a great helper to modern man. If properly used, it can make the life of man healthier and happier. Man is called a master of the world because of science.               

Science is a beautiful gift to humanity, we should not distort it.”(A. P. J. Abdul Kalam)

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    • Yeh essay 250 words mein hai jo ki class 10/12 Mein Pucha jata hai, don’t waste your time and energy to write very long essay.

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  3. I have a question to ask you that in the paragraph Atomic energy , you had write that (It can meat the demands of energy…… but this meat means something else. Meet may suits more .
    Otherwise your essay is extremely superb.

    • Thank you for your valuable feedback it helps millions of students.
      I updated it with this easier paragraph –
      “With the discovery of atomic energy, man has found an endless source of energy. It can fulfil the demands of the energy of the world for a long time.”

  4. thank you because its having me lots of support you guys know that if we are at 8 or 9 class so mam give us to wrote these in your own language so thats why these is support me a lot so thank you


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