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Television Essay


Science has discovered a lot of beautiful things in society and has made the life of people relaxed and comfortable. Television is one of the most numerous and most fascinating discoveries of science. The intention of the video is not very new. After the development of wireless, scientists had been trying to invent television J.L Baird was the first man to develop television in 1922. He was a Scottish scientist.

television essay

Television in India

Television is an outstanding source of entertainment to society. We can see all kinds of programs on a television set. We can view and enjoy many different types of cultural programs. We can see dramas and dances. We can see and enjoy music and songs. We can see serial films and cinema on a television screen. Now, feature films can be viewed on television every day. Apart from this, various other entertainment programs like games and sports can be considered to be well.

Educative value

On television, many informative programs are telecast for followers. Learners can understand and absorb much when they view these programs. There is the Krishi Darshan program for farmers excitingly. Farmers thus see much about the modern way of farming from television. News is provided an engaging and exciting way about day to day servicing of the world. Advertisements also are useful.


Hence, we understand that television is beneficial to men in various aspects of life. It gives us entertainment, changes our ideas: mproves our standard of living and ways of life.

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