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Essay on Mother Teresa in English (मदर टेरेसा पर निबंध)


Essay on Mother Teresa 

Let’s start the essay on mother teresa… 

Outline of the essay

  1. Introduction- Mother Teresa
  2. Her life 
  3. Her great deeds 
  4. She fought against the stigma of leprosy
  5. Conclusion of the essay 

essay on mother teresa

Introduction- Mother Teresa

We all know mother Teresa for her humility, for her service to mankind. She wasn’t originally from India, but it was love that made her so miscible, so close to we Indians. She is widely known for her ideas of humanity, love, and compassion. She left us with her amazing works, and it’s hard for anyone to be like her, the amount of sacrifice that she made for the humankind is very remarkable. 

Her life 

She was born in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and got her birth name as Agnes Gonxha Bajaxahin. She was very young when her struggles began. Her father, unfortunately, died when she was young, her family had the trauma of financial suffering. She began to help her mother in her church work, and only from there, she derived the idea of charity and service to human-kind. She had deep trust in God and her faith was deeply embedded in the idea of love. She decided to be a dedicated nun, and hence she migrated to India, and here she taught as a nun in schools. She started her career, say life as a beginner in Darjeeling. There she chose to learn English as well as Bengali, hence she is often called as Bengali Teresa too. Despite being a European woman by her decent, she wore a cheap white sari. 

Mother Teresa and her deeds 

She became famous amongst the poor. 

She served the people who were starving of human touch and were subjected to atrocities. She worked in slums, where people were majorly infected with leprosy, a disease that can lead to major disfigurations. She established a colony for them, she named that Shanti Nagar. 

She fought against the stigma of leprosy.

In 1979, Mother Teresa received the Nobel prize for peace. She spent that money on more charity. She died of deteriorating health n 5th September 1997 in Kolkata. Anyway, her name is an immortal one, even today. 

Conclusion of the essay 

Mother Teresa rekindled the light of humanity amongst the people, even today we look back at her and wish we could find someone like her in this age, her surreal character, her transparency, her greatness is an example, how love can win over anything. She would say, if you are not capable of feeding a hundred people, feed at least one. She would encourage people to do small things that bring happiness, there is no need of doing only great things, but also small things that matter. 

Hope you loved the essay on mother teresa. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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Essay on Love in English (प्रेम पर निबंध)


Essay on Love 

Let’s start the essay on love… 

essay on love

The idea of love is quite an abstract one, it can’t be reduced to mere words. Still, we as human beings try to give words to the idea of love or the one we love. Love is a positive feeling towards someone, something a dream, etc. Loving isn’t limited to loving things or people, people are often in love with their ideas of something and that is very natural. 

When we love someone we care, we thing nice of them, we make sure that we don’t hurt them. We feel affiliated, attached and emotionally validated while being with them. They make us feel nice about ourselves and we try to do the same, we also try that they keep feeling good. 

Love isn’t limited to personal affiliations, we might be loving our community, our family, our school, our college, our teachers, etc. Love is a diverse field and one can never actually describe it completely. It is different for everyone, the definition as well the people he/she loves.

Well, talking about love holistically, love can make the world a better place to dwell in. Nothing else but only love can win over battles, the social-economic divides in the society. The unfairness in society can be overcome by nothing else but love. Even Mother Teresa would talk about the strength of love, love could make you do miraculous things in love, and one should always love the idea of love. It will make the world a better, happier place for living. 

The growing terrorism, mass destruction, the exploitation going around in the world can be only reduced by love, the reason why terrorists kill people mercilessly is that they have become numb towards the idea of loving, of loving humanity. If we could enlighten love in their hearts, the world would be such a pure place to live in. 

Love could make people, society, nations a better version of what they are. 

Hope you loved the essay on love. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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Essay on Good Manners in English (शिष्टाचार पर निबंध)


Essay on Good Manners

 Outline of the essay

  • Introduction- What are good manners?
  • The importance of good manners in life
  • Conclusion of the Essay

essay on good manners

Introduction- What are good manners?

Good manners are the set of behaviour that is considered decent, acceptable and desirable by the society and the institutions around you. People might like you or dislike based on that. There is another standardized term often used for good manners, that is- ‘etiquette’. One should be aware of a few basic etiquettes and should know to execute them in their respective lives.

Our parents often tell us to talk calmly, talk pleasantly, pass a smile when anyone smiles, throw the wrapper in the dustbin, don’t spit on the ground, don’t point a finger at someone, sit straight, make eye contact, etc. There are many general rules related to good manners that our parents, our schools and the other social-educational institutions have been trying to build in us. Well, they are not in vain, they are very useful and important in our lives. 

The importance of good manners

Manners are a basic part of our lifestyle. It is all about the way we dress, talk, smile, sit, eat, etc. It is all about the way we act. And we should always guide our actions, shouldn’t we?

They are part of our becoming mature and responsible. Imagine, who would hire a person who spits on the ground or throws the biscuit wrapper on the floor. There’s a generic sense of courtesy that surrounds the idea of good manners. Good manners help you in healthy development, they are a part of your better civilization.

Conclusion of the essay

One should try to build on good manners, they are crucial to your personality. Good manners are an essential part of making you more civilized, as a person.

Hope you loved the essay on good manners. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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Essay on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (सरदार वल्लभभाई पटेल पर निबंध)


Essay on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

essay on sardar vallabhbhai patel

He was born in a Gujarati family, in the year 1875. He went to England for his further studies, and when he returned he became a barrister. He rose to be one of the best barristers of Ahmadabad. He rose to become one of the most reputed and affluent leaders of the Indian national congress, he was was also a very close associate of Mahatma Gandhi.

Sardar vallabhbhai Patel is also known as the iron man of India, his dedication and contribution to the building of India, India that it is today can never be forgotten. His contributions, his fervour for the freedom struggle of India is a memorable thing for all the Indian citizens. 

His active participation in cajoling the princely states to join the Indian union is something, we all as Indians are grateful for. He was also the first home minister of India. 

It is also called the statue of unity, on 143rd birth anniversary (October 31, 2018) of the great Sardar vallabhbhai Patel, the iron-man of India it was inaugurated. It is indeed huge and majestic, just like Patel’s statue and attributes. 

It is 182 meters tall, even taller than the statue of Buddha in the spring temple of China. This is going to be a great asset for Indian tourism and history. The world shall remember India and our great, Sardar vallabhbhai Patel too. 

He developed a legacy of unity amongst the states of the Indian nation-state. He convinced princely states to merge in India, take pride in becoming one- Indian. He was a mass influencer, a great philosopher, and very firm in his determination and thoughts. India without him would have been completely a different one, the history of India is blessed to have him in the legacy. 

Hope you loved the Essay on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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Essay on Floods with Outline (बाढ़ पर निबंध)


Essay on Floods

Let’s start the essay on floods… 

Outline of the Essay

  • Introduction- What is Flood
  • Causes of Flood 
  • Flood, a disaster
  • Conclusion of the essay 

essay on floods

Introduction – What is Flood

Flood refers to the overflow of a large amount of water in one area, where water can’t find a way to exit and hence too much water at one place leading to sufferings, and problems could be referred as a flood. Many regions in India and the world face flood-related problems. 

Causes of flood 

A flood occurs due to excessive downpour of water and injudicious management of the rainwater and the lacunae in the proper drainage system. The seriousness, the magnitude, the severity of flood could vary from one region to another based on the topographical factors. 

The binaries in the Indian systems of weather and climate are startling. In a few places/regions, there’s drought, while in a few- floods. The recent example of Mumbai and the outskirts being affected by water-logging and floods is an apt one. Floods don’t only obstruct the general routine but are hazardous, and if it comes in exceeded levels, it could threaten lives too. 

Flood- A disaster 

Floods are disasters, they threaten the well being of people, they cause various problems, here we see the types of floods.

There are three kinds of floods. 

1. Slow on- Set Floods 

When water bodies such as river or ponds overflow, this kind of flood develop gradually and remain for a week or two. These can cause diseases and bring all the non-hygienic substances in the environment. 

2. Rapid on- Set Floods 

Such floods take longer to build up and they are very destructive, people are alarmed in the localities to move away or take safety measures for their properties and themselves. 

3. Flash Floods

They occur in short duration, these come very suddenly, out of heavy rainfall. This could lead to mass destruction, it is very dangerous.

Conclusion of the essay 

We should build upon ways to mitigate the effects of floods or heavy rainfall. We should build dams judiciously, they could help a locality manage excessive water in the area. Similarly, planting trees, and by increasing the absorbing property of the soil through planting more and more trees we can find a way to deal with floods.

Hope you loved the essay on floods. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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Essay on Environment in English (पर्यावरण पर निबंध)


Essay on the environment 

Let’s start the essay on environment… 

The environment is all that envelopes the earth, the things around us. What we see, feel, breathe, eat constitutes the environment. The trees, the air, the food, the rivers, the roads, the greenery, the desserts, the deforested patches of ground, all of them come within what we call environment. 

essay on environment

The environment supports our lives and the lives of the other species. And it is a complete cycle that enables living possible on the earth. The natural phenomena surround the survival of species, there’s a need for understanding the environment we are all relying on. The food chain, the process of photosynthesis, etc are the key processes behind the survival of plants and similarly, plants are the reasons behind our survival. 

Pollution is about the contamination of the environment we live in, it is also the human species that is reliable, responsible for causing the major pollution, contamination, and harm to the environment. The exploitative ways of using the resources have caused a depletion in the availability of the resources-the absolute example of the same is existing and going to be the major water crisis. 

The smoke from factories, vehicles, automobiles, etc become the major reason behind air pollution. Similarly, ailments like noise pollution, water pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, water spills, etc have become very crucial now. 

There is a need for spreading the word about the harm the environment is undergoing. The laws on environment care should be strictly implemented too. The use of toxic plastics should be cut, people should participate more in planting trees and seeing to the thing that the environment remains clean and hygienic around. Even Mahatma Gandhi would dream of a pollution-free, filth free India. 

Hope you loved the essay on environment. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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Essay on Digital India in English (डिजिटल इंडिया पर निबंध)


Essay on Digital India

Let’s start the essay on digital india… 

Outline of the Essay 

  • Introduction to the topic- Digital India
  • Digital India was launched on?
  • Ambitions of the project- conclusion.

essay on digital india

Introduction to the topic- Digital India

Digital India is a campaign by the government, to exclusively name it, he was Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the main objective behind making this initiative was to make the services and other availabilities of the government in the electronic/digital form. It requires enhancing the general connectivity and infrastructure for digitization both at the ground and the major levels. 

India has widely grown in this sector, the growth is substantial and easily evident. Initially, a few people only had access to the internet, smart-phones, etc. Now we see the majority of people have smart-phones, the laymen with low-paid jobs are also moving around with smart-phones, the reasons are these- smart-phones have become an essential tool now. It isn’t just a fancy thing to carry along, but now it has developed demands amongst the people in all the various classes. 

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Digital India was launched on?

India has huge potential in mobile and internet markets with nearly 560 million internet users. The government has been successful in enabling the digitization of common transactions related to basic grocery payments, paying electricity bills, booking train/flight tickets, normal bank transactions, etc. 

The program was launched on 1st July 2015 ta the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Delhi. It was launched and announced amongst the popular-big industrialists like- tata group chairman-Cyrus Mistry, RIL Chairman and managing director- Mukesh Ambani, etc.

The ambition of the project- conclusion 

The project is an ambitious one, it is likely to bring major changes in the lives of people, in both urban and rural areas. This is going to benefit people from the rural regions of the majorly, as they live far off from the basic facilities and privileges, in the presence of digitization of the world, every single opportunity, etc, would be just a click far away from them. Even they would be able to take benefits of the schemes of the government, and most importantly, would be aware. The Internet is a great asset to the developing population of India.

Hope you loved the essay on digital india. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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Essay on Cricket in English (क्रिकेट पर निबंध)


Essay on cricket

Let’s start the essay on cricket… 

Outline of the Essay 

  • Cricket- Introduction
  • Complexities of the game
  • A few things about Cricket
  • The other skills related to playing Cricket 

essay on cricket

Cricket- Introduction

Cricket is an interesting outdoor game, widely played by people in all countries. The craze for cricket in India doesn’t need proof, anyway. Though it is not very popular in the united states as it is in India, England and Australia. In India, people relate to cricket stars and are fascinated by the game. In every household, we see a boy who loves cricket or wants to be ones like Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli.

Complexities of the game

There are many complexities and rules related to cricket, one can’t play or understand the game without knowing them, but eventually with watching and playing the game one gets familiar with the game. It is played well on the dry ground and it is impossible to play a nice match on wet ground, hence we see that matches get postponed when it rains, etc.

Cricket could be perceived as a complex game, but if practised and watched regularly, one would realize, its not rocket science. There are many die-hard fans of cricket in India. 

Cricket has left mostly the young boys in the influence, we have come to realize, that its mostly boys and not girls who are more enthusiastic about the game. We can’t gender the game, but anyhow, this is how it has always been. There’s a need for girls to take part in the game as well, and not to leave it only for one gender to play. 

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A few things about Cricket

Cricket matches are played generally for five days with one day as the rest day. There are two teams with eleven players each. Win or loss is decided on the paradigm of the total runs scored, whosoever team has the highest scores of runs, wins. 

The other skills related to playing Cricket 

Playing cricket has various health benefits, you are likely to remain fit if you’re a regular player, along with that, cricket would help one in building on various other skills as well, say it helps one develop the side of inter-personal skills, leadership, team-work, will power and stronger self-esteem. Cricket despite being a complex game is a favourite of many people in India.

Hope you loved the essay on cricket. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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Essay on Diwali in English & Hindi (दीपावली पर निबंध)


Essay on Diwali (दीपावली पर निबंध)

Let’s start the essay on diwali…

Outline of the Essay

निबंध की रूपरेखा

  • Introduction- Diwali
  • The story behind Diwali
  • The importance of Diwali
  • Conclusion of Diwali

essay on diwali in hindi

Introduction- Diwali

Diwali is one of the main celebrations of the Hindu religion, people celebrate the festival with great fervour. Diwali is celebrated with crackers, lighting candles and decorating households, etc. It falls somewhere between October and mid-November. 

People illuminate their houses with Dias, candles and worship deities- Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Diwali is celebrated as welcoming prosperity to households. The ambience in Diwali is lighted up with celebrations and joys. People look very happy, and they also seem t be visiting each other’s houses during this time. Diwali also has a holiday on the calendar and that gives people a chance to find the time and engage in social and family interactions on the day of the holiday.

दीवाली हिंदू धर्म के प्रमुख त्योहारों में से एक है, लोग इस त्योहार को बहुत धूम-धाम से मनाते हैं। दिवाली पटाखे, प्रकाश, मोमबत्तियाँ और घरों को सजाने, आदि के साथ मनाया जाता है। यह  प्रति वर्ष अक्टूबर और नवंबर माह के बीच मनाया जाता है। 

लोग अपने घरों को दीयों और मोमबत्तियों वा देवी-देवताओं और भगवान गणेश की पूजा के साथ रोशन करते हैं। दीवाली को घरों में समृद्धि का स्वागत करने के रूप में मनाया जाता है। दीवाली में माहौल समारोह और खुशियों से सराबोर हो जाता है। लोग बहुत खुश दिखते हैं, और वे इस दौरान एक-दूसरे के घरों में भी जाते हैं। दिवाली में कैलेंडर पर भी छुट्टी होती है और यह लोगों को छुट्टी के दिन सामाजिक और पारिवारिक संबंधों को खोजने और जुड़ने का मौका देता है।

The story of Diwali

It is believed that Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Rama from ban-was/ punishment (he lived through) to his kingdom, Ayodhya. 

It is celebrated to commemorate and celebrate the return of god in the kingdom, similarly believing that prosperity would come to their households, and people pray for the same.

यह माना जाता है कि दिवाली भगवान राम के 14 वर्ष के वनवास से अयोध्या लौटने की खुशी में मनाया जाता है इस दिन अयोध्यावासियों ने मिट्टी के दीपक जलाकर तथा अपने घरों को फूलों से सजाकर भगवान राम का स्वागत किया था। इसी तरह यह मानते हुए कि समृद्धि उनके घरों में आएगी लोग उसी के लिए इस दिन प्रार्थना करते हैं।

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The importance of Diwali

Diwali like any other major Hindu festival brings people together in joy, in the Ecstasy, in the mood of celebration. In this heterogeneous society of multiple ethnic identities and religion, other people from other various religions also come together to celebrate Diwali. 

It brings joy to them as well. In Diwali, people clean their houses, decorate them with flowers and lights, similarly on dhanteras people also make purchases. Diwali is a time to rejuvenate things, households and lives. 

दीवाली किसी भी अन्य प्रमुख हिंदू त्योहार की तरह लोगों को खुशी में, एकांत में, उत्सव के मूड में लाता है। कई जातीय और धर्म के इस विषम समाज में भी लोग एक साथ दिवाली मनाने के लिए आते हैं।

इससे उन्हें खुशी मिलती है। दिवाली में, लोग अपने घरों को साफ करते हैं, उन्हें फूलों और रोशनी से सजाते हैं, इसी तरह धनतेरस पर लोग खरीदारी भी करते हैं। दिवाली चीजों, घरों और जीवन को फिर से जीवंत करने का समय है।

Conclusion of the essay 

Diwali makes the locality turn into a beautiful territory. With Diwali, people wish to bring prosperity, wealth and happiness to their families and houses, along with eating rich snacks together, Diwali is also the time to bond with your family and friends. 

Along with that, there is a major concern that has to be brought in light, that is we all should try and understand the need for a Diwali free of crackers and pollution. The burning of crackers causes too much release of pollution in the air and affects lives. Through crackers, we scare away the birds and create a nuisance for a lot of other creatures. Through the crackers and fire industries, fires and massacres are happening every year. We should not burn crackers and try to celebrate a peaceful and beautiful Diwali with our family and friends. 

दिवाली इलाके को एक खूबसूरत क्षेत्र में बदल देती है। दिवाली के दिन लोग अपने परिवार और घरों में समृद्धि, धन और खुशी लाने की इच्छा रखते हैं दिवाली आपके परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ बंधन का दिन है।

इसके साथ ही, एक बड़ी चिंता यह है कि हम सभी को पटाखे और प्रदूषण से मुक्त दिवाली की आवश्यकता को समझना चाहिए। पटाखे जलाने से हवा में बहुत अधिक प्रदूषण फैलता है और इससे जीवन प्रभावित होता है। पटाखे के माध्यम से, हम पक्षियों को डराते हैं और बहुत सारे अन्य प्राणियों के लिए उपद्रव पैदा करते हैं। पटाखे और आग उद्योग के माध्यम से, हर साल नरसंहार हो रहे हैं। हमें पटाखे नहीं जलाने चाहिए और अपने परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ शांतिपूर्ण और सुंदर दिवाली मनाने की कोशिश करनी चाहिए।

Hope you loved the essay on diwali. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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Essay on Computers in English (कंप्यूटर पर निबंध)


Essay on Computers

Let’s start the essay on computers…

Outline of the Essay

  • Introduction- Computers
  • The use of computers
  • Technology- a major aid to human life
  • Conclusion of the Essay

essay on computers

Introduction- Computers

Computers are artificial intelligence systems that have enabled humans and their lives to function more efficiently. Computers are the machines the entire Human race relies on. We have computers everywhere, in offices, in schools, in households, etc. They’re faster than the human brain, though ironically made by humans only. 

Charles Babbage is known as the father of computers. He invented an analytical engine in 1837.

He introduced mankind of the idea that there could be something supreme than the human brain and that could ease our work, our tasks and enhance the quality of our lives. 

The use of computers

The use of computers is everywhere, in almost every sphere. In offices, there are computers used to collect data, analyze data and create solutions. Computers are human aid, to think of lives today without computers is challenging. 

There are other uses too, we use it in Colleges, in schools, etc. The use of the internet and the availability of connectivity brings us closer to the world of information and ability. Through the use of the internet and computers, we see that the human race has become more competent and capable. 

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Technology, a major aid to human life

Humans nowadays completely rely on computers, technology, machines. Computers are indeed, reliable machines that we can leave our information, our data in. 

Computers have two major components- hardware and software. Hardware is the tangible part of the computer, while the software- the intangible. The computer has other important parts as well, like a mouse, CPU, monitor, keyboard, joystick, etc. 

We also have a more portable version of computers, they’re laptops and are massively used. Laptops have become a necessity now. 

Conclusion of the Essay

Computers are a great gift to human life. It has made life more convenient and has enhanced our work quality. But still, there’s a need for striking a balance in the time we use on Computers. It is suggested to check on the time one uses on-screen as spending too much time on computer screens can cause eye problems, headaches etc.

Hope you loved the essay on computers. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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