Speech on Women Empowerment (महिला सशक्तिकरण पर भाषण)

Speech on Women Empowerment 

Let’s start the speech on women empowerment… 

essay on women empowerment

Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends, I thank you all to allow me to present my views on women empowerment. Women are now seen as those who need to be empowered, uplifted and helped, they have been largely suppressed by the social constructs and the patriarchs of the society. 

When we think of women, we mostly think of them as our mothers or sisters, but friends, I would like you all to think of them as an individual first. Women are individuals with their ideas and aspirations. The society should not always do their moral policing and chain them into believing what they think of women majorly. 

Women are referred to as the weaker sex, the weaker vessel, the deprived part of the society. They have suffered a lot in history, they have been oppressed, not heard and they ended into the trauma of submission. They haven’t been given equal opportunities as men, they have been initially deprived of going to school, getting themselves educated or even moving out of their cities. They have been mostly confined into a congested, confined space of domestic chores, limiting them to cooking meals, and caressing their kids. 

When they are born they are also seen as burdens, they are often killed, either in the womb or once they are born in the sex, the society didn’t want them to. The patriarchs, the oppressors of the society have overshadowed the existence, the being of women. Women need to fight back, raise a voice and uplift their lives through the measures of education, employment, and financial independence. There are so many problems contaminating society today, social evils like female foeticide, infanticide, dowry system, child marriage, unemployment of women, their illiteracy, rape, etc, are the causes why women still fear to raise a voice, they are threatened of so many things. Women need to collectively become a voice and fight against the injustices happening in the society. 

Thank you. 

Hope you loved the speech on women empowerment. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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