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Speech on Friendship

Let’s start the speech on friendship… 

speech on friendship

Respected principal, teachers, and dear friends, I thank you all to serve me with this opportunity to deliver this speech on friendship amongst you all. 

Friendships are the relationships we forge on ourselves. We are all gifted with the relationships we have with our parents, siblings, and relatives. But friendships are only those, that we build on our own. Since we enter school, go through all the phases, classes, examinations and tests, we all need someone to stand by our side. Friendships are important for one’s boost of self-esteem. We are likely to feel socially validated when we have friends around us. They help us socialize and create bonds in society. They also help us build on confidence. 

Friends also come across as a major emotional support system during different times of our lives. We can go out with them, study together, tell them our deeper secrets and share bonds amongst themselves. People who are surrounded by good, faithful friends are lucky people. People generally find groups, but to find real friends who stick to you is a big deal.

One needs to invest time, emotions while being friends with someone, so it is advisable to make good friendships around you. They also mold you in a way, at times they might also leave bad influence or this sense of anxiety due to stiff competition. That is called peer pressure, a lot of youngsters go through it. There’s a need for choosing your friends, your circles wisely. 

You need to stand by the friends you have, be their strength and uplift each other. Friendships are the relationships you build on your own. If you have faithful, nice friends, they will never fail you. They will guide you through right and wrong, stand in your hard times with you. They are going to be your second home, where you could be without covers. Friends are the people, who bring out what you are. Always preserve friends and friendships. 

Thank you for being patient listeners.

Hope you loved the speech on friendship. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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