Speech on Education (शिक्षा पर भाषण)

Speech on Education 

Let’s start the speech on education…

speech on education

Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends, I feel proud to stand on behalf of my institution and deliver this speech on education. We are lucky to have been educated by almost all the bodies of the society around us. Our parents, our school, our teachers, administration and eventually, the nation has a role to play in imparting education to us.

We have progressed a lot as a nation when India attained freedom there was massive illiteracy amongst the population of India, only a few were educated due to their exclusive conditions, privileges or struggles. Education was once seen as a luxury. Education wasn’t for all, only a certain class, caste or community of people could manage to afford it. Apart from the class divide, there was caste-based discrimination, untouchables didn’t have access to classrooms. Dr. BR Ambedkar had a long fight with the untouchability of the Indian societal institution. He was denied to have drinking water and equal status like any other upper-class student in the class. India has fought a long battle, with the colonizers, the agents of orthodoxies and conservatism.

Now, according to laws, every Indian is entitled to receiving education irrespective of his/her caste, class, gender. Girls even now in a lot of areas are not allowed to go to school, there’s a need to understand that education is a necessity of human civilization. It is the tool of empowerment, independence and fighting the orthodoxies of our Indian society. Nothing but only education could liberate minds and free us from the restraints that our society keeps us locked in.

Education is going to make us people of nobility, understanding, and innovation. Education is the golden tool for development, empowerment, and freedom. There should be exclusive awareness and initiatives for imparting education to women, they have been left behind in this hyper-masculine world. Only education could fetch them jobs, get them financial independence and agency. Well, this is a universal thing for anyone, our youth needs to be imparted healthy education that makes them more civilized, humane and progressive.

Thank you for being patient listeners.

Hope you loved the speech on education. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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