Speech on Discipline (अनुशासन पर भाषण)

Speech on Discipline 

Let’s start the speech on discipline… 

speech on discipline

Respected Principal, Teachers and Dear Friends, I am glad, that I have been given this chance to deliver my ideas here in front of you all in the form of speech. My topic today is discipline, through my speech I would like to share my ideas on discipline, its importance and the actual role it has to play in our lives. 

Discipline is an attitude of living if you build your life based on a discipline you are going to achieve all that you want. To achieve whatever you want you to need to inculcate discipline, you need to prioritize your goals, your time, yourself, as well. 

The discipline deals with a cluster of other attributes as well, they are time management, punctuality, regularity, consistency, self-control. These all things work in a link, call them the subparts of the major idea of discipline. 

Well, discipline is largely about controlling your activities and channelizing your fervour and energies into a productive channel. One needs to control the general temptation and distractions of life and work in the desired direction. Our schools, families and major institutions in the society work on developing such skills in us, and yes they are very important. 

The need for discipline is not just in schools but in all the domains of life. If you go out to work in offices, to live in different cities to live on your own, you’re likely to need Discipline as a major thing in your routine. Discipline is like monitoring yourself and doing what is desired. Discipline is also a goal-oriented habit, if you need to attain a goal you would need to bring Discipline in your lives. 

All those who have attained anything in life, had one thing in common, Discipline. Discipline is going to benefit you in the long run of life. If you fail to inculcate in right now, you might end up regretting later in your life. 

Thank you.

Hope you loved the speech on discipline. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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