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Population Problem

Introduction We got freedom in 1947. We have several problems. The most important among them is the Population Problem. Our population is increasing at a breakneck speed. If the rate of growth continues, days will come when it will be difficult for us to survive.

population problem essay

Reasons for the Population Problem in India – There are various causes of the boom in the population. Our country is warm, and this environment is very positive for reproducation; that is why the rate is very high.Many social factors are liable for this. Early marige, lack of entertainment facilities, and poor economic conditions are chief of them. India is a multi-linguistic and multi-religious country.

Lack of literacy – The most primary cause is the lack of literacy. Their illiteracy keeps them in the dark. They dont know the benefits of a little family. in the next phase, the death rate is decreased, but the birth rate remains the same. During this period, there is a population explosion. in the third phase, the birth, as well as the death rate, is under control, and society gets improvement.

Solutions for overpopulation in India – In India, we are struggling in the second phase to get the third one. They are given below. –

  1. Marriage age should be raised.
  2. People should be encouraged to keep their family small.
  3. Education should be spread.
  4. The economic condition should be extended so that a higher standard of life may reduce the birth rate.
  5. People, particularly the more youthful generation, should be given full information about family planning measure so that they may adopt innovative techniques.

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