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My Hobby


Man is not a robot. So he has to take Shelter to some hobby or the other. A hobby is a pleasurable pastime. It wipes away the boredom and gives new energy. It is the best use of leisure. It provides mental relaxation too.

My Hobby

There are many kinds of hobbies, e.g., singing, traveling, photography, painting, reading, gardening, hunting, and swimming, etc. I have taken up gardening as my hobby. I have taught a taste for gardening since my childhood. I am very much engrossed in plants and flowers. I have visited many gorgeous gardens located in big towns.

What I do for my hobby

I have prepared a small but lovely garden within the boundary of my house. There are multiple plants with pretty flowers. I am very loving roses. So I have collected fifteen varieties of roses in my garden. There are many other flowers too. Besides these, there are small fruit trees in a small part of my garden during my leisure time daily. I prepare beds of plants and water them. I also do grafting and cutting the undesired branches. I take great pleasure in these works. Many times I present the fruits and flowers to my friends. When I pluck vegetables for my mother’s kitchen, she is very much charmed.


My hobby is not expensive. I spend adequately on it. Other hobbies like photography etc. are quite expensive. My parents take pleasure in watching me managing in the garden. Gardening is a good workout, also. It keeps my body and mind fit — the beautiful view of my small garden charms everybody who passes by it. The fragrant flowers, the sweet fruits, and the delicious vegetables of my garden are valuable assets to me. I love my garden so much.

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