My Best Friend Essay | Essay on My Best Friend in English

My Best Friend Essay

Introduction of The Essay

You may have multiple friends, but real friends are few. Shivanshu is one of my best friends. I consider him an ideal boy.

my best friend essay

About My Best Friend

Shivanshu’s father is a Teacher. His father is a simplistic man, always helpful to others. His mother is a Housewife. She is a good lady. The characteristics of parents are connected in Shivanshu.

His age and Personality

Shivanshu is 17 years old. He studies in Class X of our school. He has a beautiful personality. He is healthful.

Habits of My Best Friend

Shivanshu has various good habits. He rises up Early in the morning. He goes walking. He studies and does his homework consistently. He reaches his school in time. He follows and respects all his teachers. He helps the weak students. He has no bad habits. He often stands first in the examinations. He is an excellent performer.

Status of My Best Friend

Students have chosen him, General, Secretary. He is famous among students. He organizes many activities in the school. He takes an active part in them.

My Best Friend at Home

Shivanshu helps his neighbors at the time of any the trouble all praise him. Once, he saved the life of a child at the risk of his life when his house was on fire. The child’s parents appreciated him very much.

Why I like him

I like him most because he has great, Nature. He is kind, reliable, and truthful. He always helps me. He bears a good moral character. The Principal and the teachers appreciate him much. He believes in simple living and high thinking.
May God grant him long, happy life!

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