MP Board Class 10th English Lesson – 1 Important Questions & Answer 2019 – 20

Light The Lamp of Thy Love

(अपने प्रेम का दीपक जलाओ )

By Shivanshu Patel

Important Vocabulary –

Lamp दीपक
Rays   किरणों
Loveप्यार, मोहब्बत
Lightरोशनी, प्रकाश
Clayचिकनी मिट्टी

Antonyms – 

       Light       –  Dark

      External  –  Internal

      Senior    –   Junior

     Evil          –    Good

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Answer these questions – 

Q.1  What do you mean by ‘in my house’ in the poem ?

Ans. ‘In my house’ means in my heart in this poem.

Q.2 What Kind of Lamp is it in the poem?

Ans. The Lamp in the Poem is that of God’s love.

Q.3 What does ‘darkness’ stand for in the poem?

Ans. In the poem, ‘darkness’ stands for ignorance & evil deeds.

Q.4 What are the senses compared to?

Ans. Senses are compared to lamps that the poet lighted.

Q.5 What does ‘light’ stand for in the poem ?

Ans. ‘Light’ stands for knowledge in the Poem. 

Answer the following questions (three or four sentences)

Q.1 Where and why does the poet want God to light the lamp ?

Ans. The poet wants God to light the lamp because there is the darkness (Ignorance) in him. Ignorance is the cause of all evils and sadness. If there is light (Knowledge) his ignorance will be removed and he will be happy.

Q.2  What should we pray for ?

Ans. We should pray to God to light the lamp of his love in our hearts. We should pray for knowledge. We should pray to change our evil into good. 

Q.3  What is the massage of the poem ‘Light the Lamp of thy Love’ ?

Ans. The massage of the Poem ‘Light the Lamp of thy Love’ is that we should pray to God to light the lamp of his love.



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