Write an application to your Principal requesting him to grant you three days leave because you are sick.

Format – (CBSE New Format 2019 – 20)

Sender Address (Don’t use more than 3 lines)

Date (current date)

Receivers Address –
(Principal/ Teacher/HOD) (School Name) (School Address)

Salutation –
(Dear sir, Respected Class Teacher, etc.)   

Subject –
(Subject: Name the request/complaint)

Body of the Letter –
Introduce yourself  ————————————————————

Main body ———————————————————————

Conclusion ———————————————————————

Closing of the letter – 

Thank You
(Your’s obediently, faithfully, thankfully, etc.)

(Name followed by Signature)

EXAMPLE – ( Application Writing )

31, Railway Colony Indore,

July 10, 2019,


The Principal,

Govt. H.S. School,

Indore (M.P.)

Respected Sir/Madam,

Subject – Application for 3 days Leave.

                 I beg to say that I have been suffering from fever since Monday. The doctor has advised me to take rest for three days. So I am unable to attend school/college. Kindly grant me three days leave.

Thank You 

Yours obediently,

Shivanshu Patel

Class – 10th (A)

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