Independence Day Essay | Essay on Independence Day of India

Independence Day Essay

       Fifteenth of August is a red-letter day for the whole of India because we achieved the long-cherished independence on the 15th of August 1947. We had to struggle hard for long and our national leaders were put to severe sufferings by the foreign rulers. Many times the British rulers fired on the innocent crowd of freedom fighters as in ‘Jaliyawala Bagh.’ But this black rule did not last long and we got the glorious victory.

independence day essay

      With the dawn of independence, the chapter of slavery was closed and we had our own government with the Prime Ministership of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. In memory of this auspicious day with great joy every year.

       Independence day is celebrated in our school every year in a remarkable manner. This year also we assembled in the school in the early morning at 6:30 am. Our honourable Principal unfurled the tricolour flag followed by the singing of National Anthem. Then Principal took the salute and read out the message of the Chief Minister of our state. After that, the whole school started on a colourful procession and took a round of the town. Many People and government officers joined us on the way.

       On the return of the procession to school premises, it turned into a meeting under the chairmanship of the Municipal President. Short speeches of national importance were delivered. National poems were recited. The huge crowd of the general public and guardians was very much impressed. In the end, sweets were distributed to the students by the people of the town.

       In the evening a programme of singing and dancing was the performance of students. The guidance of our teachers was very much praised by everybody. Just before sun-set, the National Flag was pulled down with honour. Latter the whole of the school building was illuminated artistically with small bulbs of different colours.

      Thus, the independence day was celebrated with great rejoicing. Now we have gained political liberty. But it is not enough. We have to struggle hard to get rid of illiteracy, over-population, unemployment and poverty. The government of India has done a lot in this direction yet much is left to be done. We hope that our country will soon come up to the standard of the developed countries in all respects.

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