Importance of Games and Sports Essay for Children’s & Students

Importance of Games and Sports Essay

      It is said that “Health is Wealth.” We can Have a sound mind only in a sound body. Games and sports play a vital role in the life of young boys and girls. On the one hand, they give us pleasure, and on the other, they help in the growth of body, mind and personality. They make life pleasant and useful.

importance of games and sports essay

     Games and sports give physical education for the future. Games and sports develop many good qualities. Discipline, mutual co-operation, unity and compliance of rules are some of the characteristics which form the total character of the youths. A regular habit of playing according to rules becomes a part of their nature. Classroom teaching does not allow that vital education which is the result of games and sports.
      Games and sports bring about national and international honours to us. The players and athletes of different countries participate in various games and sports in the World Competitions. They try to show their skill with the whole vigour. If they win, they bring a name for their country.
      Games and sports make growing boys and girls honest and hard-working. They learn self-control, determination and strength. Victory and failure are equal in their view. This sportsmanship makes their future bright. Moreover, they form regular habits which lead them on the way of success.

      In the modern age, games and sports have become a profession also. Many skilled players and athletes earn a considerable amount of money by competing in several national and international tournaments. By being good players or good athletes, they get jobs. Wherever they go, they get attention.

     Thus we see that games and sports are essential for the mental, physical and moral makeup of the youths who have to shoulder enormous responsibilities for the development of their country.

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