Essay Writing Services: 7 Strong Reasons to Contact Them Online

Many students think of essay writing services as a dirty little secret to be discussed only in hushed whispers and coded texts. Is it something you want to admit to using? they ask their friends, even as they secretly order essays in bulk. But we’re here to tell you that you should be proud of taking advantage of one of the most beneficial services to aid students in the pursuit of academic studies. In this article, we’ll examine seven strong reasons you should take the plunge and contact an academic writing service before writing your next essay.

Essay Writing Services

Before we do, let’s issue one quick word of warning. Most colleges and universities have specific policies about academic honesty that forbid students from turning in others’ work as their own. A legit essay-writing company like will tell you that custom academic papers should be used to help you with writing your paper and not submitted for academic credit.

Let’s Explore Top Reasons to Contact Essay Services

Now, let’s take a look at seven reasons why you should contact an essay writing service today.

2. Students are overwhelmed with essays.

The average college student is drowning in essays. Over the past twenty years, the number of essays a college student writes each semester has nearly doubled, and that is one important reason that students need help now more than ever. Essay volume is increasing for some reason. One reason is that most students now complete at least some of their coursework online. Online courses require more written work than in-person courses because they don’t have classroom discussions and other in-person activities. Another reason is that the push for more accessible assignments for students of varying abilities has made the essay the default assignment because it is considered to be close to universally accessible. Whatever the exact reason for the increase, students today often face writing an essay every three to five days during their college careers. When balancing this with work, family, and extracurricular responsibilities, it can quickly become overwhelming.

2. Students lack essay writing skills.

The average college student doesn’t have the skills and knowledge to produce great essays when they arrive on campus. According to college professors, a lack of writing skills is the single biggest reason why students don’t succeed. This occurs for several reasons but is largely related to a shift in the way that secondary schools teach. Because high school educators’ jobs are often tied to student performance on standardized tests, teachers teach to the test, and skills that aren’t tested—like writing research papers at the college level—aren’t taught. The result is that many schools now send more than half of their incoming freshmen to remedial or introductory writing courses to help them catch up to expectations for college-level writing.

3. Essay-writing services have highly-qualified writers.

Most reputable essay-writing services have highly-qualified writers whose job is to show you the best way to approach your topic. The best essay-writing services utilize the services of writers who hold master’s degrees or PhDs in the subjects they write about and are native speakers of the English language. These writers generally have years of experience producing high-level papers for their degrees and for the students they serve and have dedicated their lives and careers not to pursue an academic position but to make sure college students can write their weekly essays faster. When you buy a paper from the right company, you’re getting a paper from someone who had the degree to become a professor and has instead turned over their entire life to writing undergraduate essays for students just like you.

4. Essay-writing services are fast.

When you need a paper, the chances are pretty good that you need it quickly, not a few months from now. When you work with a reputable essay writing service, you’ll get your paper fast because its writers are trained to write quickly and effectively and deliver on time or faster. After all, master writers have built-in efficiencies, including their expert knowledge, to write papers quickly. Most services have emergency services that can turn a paper around in 24-48 hours.

5. Essay services can help you avoid plagiarism.

High-quality services offer guarantees that the work they produce is free from plagiarism and 100% original. If you have struggled with plagiarism in the past, it can be helpful to see how a professional correctly handles sources and integrates research into a paper while giving full credit to the original authors. That way you can learn how to use sources appropriately in your paper on the same topic.

6. Custom-written essays can help with your research.

One of the biggest challenges students face in developing their papers is researching the material needed to write them. A custom-written essay on your essay topic can help you to overcome this challenge. Each comes with a bibliography of research that can point you to the best sources for your paper, and the writer’s work will highlight key points and quotes to look for in the research materials.

7. Essay services level the playing field.

Wealthy students have private tutors who handle the hard parts of college by coaching students through their coursework and essays. The rest of us have essay-writing services to help us stand on the same level as elite students so we can make the grade.

Choosing the Best  Essay Writing Service Online

Once you decide you want to contact an essay writing service online, one question is left — which one will you address? There is more than one professional writing service out there but you still need to tread carefully. First of all, make sure this company is known online and can boast a good reputation. Second, address someone in a support team to make sure people there are responsive and ready to answer any questions you have. Third, check on guarantees — they should be easily accessible and clearly stated. Focus on the money-back guarantee, timely delivery, and plagiarism-free guarantees — those are three pillars that cannot be ignored. Once you find a company that answers your demands at least 80-90%, place an order, as looking longer means paying more. 



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