Essay on Yoga for Children and Students (योग पर निबंध)

Essay on Yoga 

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Outline of the essay 

  • Introduction to yoga 
  • Importance of yoga 
  • The benefits of yoga 
  • Conclusion of the essay 

essay on yoga

Introduction to yoga

‘Yoga’ this term has its origin/genesis in a Sanskrit word- ‘Yoke’ which eventually defines yoga as a process of connecting yourself to God, the spiritual Self. Maharishi Patanjali is renowned and known as the father of Yoga. We also have a company running on his name. Yoga has its roots in India and it never fails to fascinate people far off this land. Tourists, travellers who visit India are intrigued by the idea of Yoga. The benefits and the idea of yoga are enchanting and attractive. Everyone aspires to be fit, happy and at peace, and the entire human race wants it. 

Importance of yoga 

If one inculcates yoga in his/her routine, he or she is likely to attain benefits from the practice. Yoga is a liberating measure, it liberates one from diseases, illness and mental sickness as well. 

Yoga if practised regularly, it’s a healthy and uplifting habit. 

Various asanas, postures, and exercises are a part of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it in your room or a park, you can do it anywhere based on your convenience. 

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The benefits of yoga

There are multiple benefits of Yoga. They’re countless, starting from the fitness benefits, yoga also enhances one’s mental health, keeps one active, rejuvenated, and happier. 

A lot of fitness experts, dietitians, doctors suggest doing yoga regularly. It is going to make one free of diseases, mental sickness, laziness, obesity, hormonal imbalances, etc. The main objective of yoga is controlling one’s bodily and psychic activities. It mainly looks after controlling one’s breathing, it’s about modulating inhaling and exhaling. Having control over your breathing will eventually lead to having control over the other activities that your body and mind is generally engaged in.

Conclusion of the Essay 

One needs to get himself/herself trained in yoga. There’s an essential need to take proper guidance and learn the skill. There are plenty of schools dealing with tutoring yoga, one can get enrolled there or even learn it online. There are basic yoga positions like Surya Namaskar, kapalbhati, etc, that one can learn easily. One could follow a schedule and uplift his/her quality of life, through the practice of yoga. 

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