Essay on Water Pollution in English (जल प्रदूषण पर निबंध)

Essay on Water Pollution

Let’s start the essay on water pollution. 

Quote: “Be aware and use water with care.”

Outline of the Essay

  1. Introduction- What is Water Pollution?
  2. What Causes Water Pollution?
  3. Laws on Water pollution
  4. Effects of Water Pollution
  5. Conclusion- Solutions and ways to fight Water Pollution?

Introduction – What is Water Pollution?

water pollution

The contamination of water through foreign and toxic particles is called Water Pollution. The process of the water getting polluted is what we call Water Pollution. The pollution of water makes it unfit for consumption purposes as well as the others. Drinking polluted, impure water could cause various diseases. The upsurge in the demand for water purifiers is for a reason.

Water is life necessity, it was initially priceless but now it has become a commodity and has startled the mankind.

The World is in a crisis of water now, it’s said that soon various states like Andhra Pradesh, Delhi are going to run out of groundwater. The conditions threaten mankind and prove of the scarcity of the water.

Causes of Water Pollution?

The sources that cause Water Pollution could be categorized into two categories:-

1.  Direct Sources:-

essay on water pollution

The sources that directly pour themselves into the water and contaminate it could be called as the direct Sources of Water Pollution. For example, the urban sewage, industrial waste, the discharge from the factories and Oil Spills in oceans, etc. These are a major cause of Pollution all across the world.

2. Indirect Sources

essay on water pollution

These pollutants contaminate the water indirectly, not through exactly into conventionally pouring themselves into the water, but via reaching to water in various ways.

Indirect Sources could be fertilizers, pesticides, chemical dump, septic tanks, etc. When these harmful chemicals are used on plants, the rain washes it off to soil. Through soil, it reaches down to rivers and other water bodies, and that pollutes water.

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Laws on Air Pollution-

“The Air Act has been enacted on the same lines as the Water Act, 1974 which was promulgated to control water pollution. … The Air Act confers the regulatory power to the Central Pollution Control Board (“CPCB”) and the State Pollution Control Board (“SPCB”) to prevent and control the air pollution. Jun 17, 2014”

Effects of Water Pollution?

essay on water pollution

  •  Water Pollution is a major factor in causing diseases. There is a list of diseases that are caused by consuming polluted water.
  • Water Pollution also causes hazards to aquatic life. The oil spills in water bodies are alarming.
  • Water Pollution is also causing a threat to existing biodiversity. There are these perpetual lacunae on the side of the environment, and along with that raises the concern of water scarcity.

Conclusion? Solutions to Water Pollution

essay on water pollution

  • Stop wasting water. Save water, preserve water.
  • Judicious use of pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals in plants.
  • Proper waste management.- the waste released from huge factories, industries shouldn’t be just disposed.

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