Essay on Value of Time (समय के मूल्य पर निबंध)

Essay on value of time

Let’s start the essay on value of time….

Outline of the essay

  • Introduction – Value of time
  • Time wasted is indeed, a life wasted
  • The need for proper time management
  • Conclusion of the Essay

essay on value of time

Introduction -Value of Time

Time is a valuable entity, the world is rushing towards different things, complexities and the challenges of survival.
In this era of modernism, urbanization and stiff competition it would be unwise to waste time.

The time is precious and this is all we have. And at the same time, this what we don’t. We can’t sit back and simply waste time. Management and bringing out the best of the time we have is the need of the era. We all have different aspirations in life, someone wants to ace good scores, someone wants to find a good job, someone wants to travel the world, someone wants to be a writer. For all these domains of life, time management and the need of the time is a crucial thing to talk about.

Time wasted is indeed, a life wasted.

When we were back in school, we would always get to read the quote “Time wasted is life wasted”. Isn’t it true, while wasting your time you’re also wasting your life? If you waste your time today, you’re going to pay a price for it tomorrow. We get what we yield in our lives. We can’t eat fruits of the tree we never planted. Similarly to achieve anything, to be anything, one needs to see time crucially and work on time management. That is eventually judiciously using your time.

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The need for proper time management

Time management is nowadays counted as a skill. Offices, corporates, huge institutions demand skills like time management, leadership, flair at communication etc. The need for proper time management isn’t restricted to just offices but they’re a need in every domain.

One needs to first understand the essence of time, and hence work on saving it. Using it properly.

Conclusion of the Essay

There have been so many sayings about the value of time. One needs to understand and inculcate those values in one’s life. One shouldn’t just read how important the time is, but also value it. Once the time is gone, it’s never going to return. Time is irreversible, live the moment you’re in. Value how time would never be the same, and make the best use of it.

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