Essay on Tiger in English (टाइगर पर निबंध)

Essay on Tiger

Essay on Tiger

Let’s start the essay on tiger…….

Outlines of the Essay

  • Introduction- Tigers
  • Description of a tigers
  • Their food
  • The important facts
  • Conclusion

essay on tiger


Introduction- Tigers

Tigers are majestic, wild and huge animals, they’re the largest mammal of the cat family. Largely found in Asia, they have a really strong and powerful body. They belong to the family of Felidae.

Well known for their strength, the enormous beings filled with fervour have been honoured as our national animal. It is symbolic of the strength that India as a country embodies.

Seeing the endangered condition of the species, tiger killing is a punishable offence in India.

Initially, there were kings, men and folks who took pride in hunting tigers and flaunting that as an act of bravery, the scenario isn’t the same, killing tigers would get you imprisoned.

Description of Tigers

They are generally orange or reddish-orange with a very bold pattern of black vertical stripes and white areas of chest, belly and inside of the legs. Their stripes appear as camouflage design, hence they’re not easily traced when hiding in their ambush, forests or shrubs. They have very strong jaws, they are the epitome of bravery amongst the animals.

They occupy a variety of habitats, from tropical, evergreen forests to woodlands and mangrove swamps. They have nocturnal characteristics and are usually awake in the nights seeking prey for themselves.

The subspecies of tigers are- Sumatran tigers, Siberian tigers, Bengal tigers, South China tigers, Malayan tigers etc.

Every other tiger has a unique pattern of stripes on their body, hence they can be easily distinguished from one another.

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Food of tigers

Tigers hunt for their food. They are the largest predators out of all the animals, well they are also nocturnal hence they stay up awake in the night looking for their prey. They are carnivores, they eat flesh, only.

They mainly eat sambar deer, wild pigs, water buffalo, antelope, sloth bears, dogs, pythons as well as monkeys. The old tigers usually attack humans.

Important facts related to tigers

There are a total of 50 national reservoirs in India for tigers. They have become rare species now, they need to be given a space for their survival, and the other animals too. The balance in the ecosystem is a necessity for the cycles of ecology to work on. After so much of tiger hunting, and cutting down of the forests, tigers might go extinct.

Well, India is home to seventy per cent of the tigers in the world. Bandhavgarh National Park has the most number of tigers, its in Madhya Pradesh. Well, overall, the population of tigers have grown from 2226 to 2,967 from 2014 to 2018.

The highest number of tigers are in Karnataka.

Conclusion of the Essay

Tigers are the pride of the nation, the symbol of strength and bravery. We should give them their own space and see that human space doesn’t endanger their lives.
With this progress in the count of tigers in India, the country could take claim over preserving wildlife in away. Tiger is indeed a great, beautiful and powerful animal.

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