Essay on Terrorism in India | Terrorism in India Essay 300 Words

Terrorism in India Essay


Terrorism is a grand threat to human civilisation. The entire world is faced with this problem and India is no exception to it. India has been suffering terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir for long. The North-Eastern states, including Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, parts of Bihar and Orissa are also challenged with the same problem. Many terrorist organisations are active and have their demands and objectives. These organisations have been trained in terror tactics and are sponsored by other organisations in foreign countries.

essay on terrorism in india

Causes of terrorism in India

The foremost causes of terrorism cover acute nationalism as exhibited by Hitler, who promoted nationalist feelings among this countryman and hatred for others. Second is an economic difference. The charm for leading a luxurious life and be a part of a high profile section of the society anyhow make them make money at any cost. The third and most dangerous is communal disharmony. When people are distinguished on account of caste, colour, creed etc. they increase in hostility and opposition.

Need for Peace

India is a peace-loving country. She was always worked to counter-terrorism and establish world peace. There is a need to make the rule of law and punish the evil. The additional delay in the administrative process should also be neglected. There are some examples of terrorists who were killed rightly but after much delay.


Nations should also try to control the arms race. Energy sources should be used for peaceful intentions and not bullying weaker nations. And lastly to have the sense to realise our goals and fight the evil out with the increase in knowledge, power and resources.

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