Essay on Save Water In English (पानी बचाओ पर निबंध)

Essay on Save Water

Essay on Save Water

Let’s start the essay on save water.

Outlines of the Essay

  • Introduction to Water conservation
  • Importance of water in our lives
  • The Major issue with the water resources- Water Crisis
  • Sustainability of Water
  • Conclusion of the Essay.

essay on water pollution

Introduction to Water Conservation

The sayings like save water save life aren’t new ones. They have existed for a very long time. We realise that crucial to our survival and the survival of this entire ecosystem. Existing without water is an impossible idea. They say that more than 70% of the Earth is water, but the thing is the very little share of such massive amount is usable. The ocean water isn’t ideal for usage.

The water scarcity is a problem. There’s a need to save water. Though there was this age when water was considered to be free and in plenty, surely the time has changed. Because we could not save water, it has now become a commodity. We are likely to pay for water. We have this new emerging thing called water bills. It’s anyway the humans who have made things this way, and we’re the one who ought to bring a change.

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Importance of Water in our lives

We need water for almost everything.

You can’t live without drinking water. Water is certainly more essential than food. Water is the basic need just like oxygen, not just for humans but the whole race of species.

We need water for washing, cleaning, drinking, bathing, and water has so many health benefits. It’s impossible to think of healthy living without water, in fact, it’s impossible to think of life without water.

Water is a very crucial resource. Let’s join hands to save water.

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The major issue with the water resources- Water Crisis

Environmental justice is something India demands at this point in time. People are getting an unfair share of resources to use from the environment. There’s a lack of access to good drinking water. You need to pay a cost for drinking that doesn’t make you sick, isn’t it sick? The commodification of water, the necessity of water purifiers. It’s hard to imagine a life without spending enough bucks on water.

Also, the unequal distribution by nature itself adds to this problem. A few places have so much of water they’re drowning in flood, a few are parched in drought. It’s terrifying how situations are at an extreme.

And to that, the government-mishandling of water resources, the universal corruption and the poverty factor makes water even more scarce. Only those who could afford water could have access to it, though the government promises to work on installing drinking water taps in all regions.

Also, it’s not just about drinking water, but the water in general. The groundwater level is at risk of getting nowhere. A lot of metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Delhi are going to face water crisis in the upcoming years. The Dystopian days aren’t really fair, so save water.

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Sustainability of Water

It is important to understand that water is a resource that should be accessible universally. To all of us, and even to the people of the future.

Sustainability of the water resources is something to be talked and discussed. The judicious use of water and water modulation programmes are only going to help.

And yes, it’s very important for the people as well to grow more responsible and save water.

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Conclusion of the Essay

The world is at that point of water extinction. Let’s fear the world without water and make ways to save it. Indeed, Jal hi Jeevan hai, Jal Bachao, Jeevan Bachao. (Water is life, save water, save a life)

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