Essay on Save Earth in English (धरती / पृथ्वी बचाओ पर निबंध)

Essay on Save Earth

Essay on Save Earth

Let’s start the essay on save earth.

Outlines of the Essay

  •  Introduction- Earth
  •  Problems to the Earth
  •  The Global Crisis
  •  Solutions- Conclusion of the Essay

Essay on Save Earth

Introduction- Earth

Earth is one of the planets of the solar system, all the eight planets are likely to revolve around the Sun, and yes Earth is one of them. The perceived colour of the Earth is blue, it is the only planet as of now that supports life, as it has the presence of oxygen. The oxygen on Earth makes it possible for the survival of species, human beings, or even plants. Earth, our planet has always come up with resources to enable life-like plants, oxygen, water etc. Let us preserve what we have or we might just lose all of it, someday. We also call it our mother Earth, the life-giver, the nourish-er, but mankind has become very careless with the same.

Problems of the Earth

There was initially the problem with the Earth, but mankind, we humans have made things critical in the environment, in the natural setting of nature. We have humanized too much of nature and that has made things critical around. The overexploitation of its resources and recklessly using it for personal mean benefits would lead to collapse. As even Gandhi would say that the world has enough for man’s need but not greed.

The major problems of the planet Earth currently are- global warming, pollution, population explosion, climatic change, water crisis, the change in the composition of air, and ozone depletion.

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The Global Crisis

It won’t be wrong to say that the Earth, our very own mother Earth is undergoing a thing like a global crisis. The entire human race altogether is making things worse for us and the sustainability of the Earth and its resources of-course.

The major problems like the contamination of the air, the melting of glaciers, the water crisis is a thing that has come up as a thing to terrify the human race.

The recent burning of the amazon river should also dread hearts as in how things are perpetually growing worse. These events are heart-rending, there’s a need to globally accumulate and take steps forward to save the Earth.

The freshwater is going to become a scarce thing in a few years. It has already become a commodity now, the dystopian world isn’t too far, right?

The Solutions- the conclusion of the essay

Measures should be taken globally, the global crisis can’t be resolved at one person’s hand, there’s a need for a holistic approach to healing the wounds that mother Earth has been suffering from. Laws, execution whatever works should be done. Grow more trees, try ways to curb pollution, moderate the industrial workings etc.

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