Essay on Poverty in English (गरीबी पर निबंध)

Essay on poverty 

Let’s start the essay on poverty.

Outline of the essay 

  • How do we define poverty?
  • Reasons behind poverty.
  • What poverty leads to?
  • Conclusion of the essay 

essay on poverty

How do we define poverty?

Poverty is a condition where someone is inefficient to afford the necessities or say amenities of life. Though we have a legit boundary of what is poverty line, still poverty is the state of lacking. Once you are lacking in something, majorly in terms of finances, call it poverty. Debt represents poor people in their deprived state.

Many people in the entire world, in the regions of India, are deprived of necessary resources, say food, education, employment, house, etc. Poverty has various dimensions and definitions, but to understand the implication of poverty, one could say the state in which one lacks something, significant for life. 

Reasons behind poverty 

There are many reasons why poverty still prevails, though there’s rising modernism and awareness amongst the so-called people of this population, still poverty isn’t fading, in reality. 

The major reason given by the significant philosophers behind poverty is the unequal distribution of wealth, resources amongst the people. Say, someone who is more powerful, captures more of the resources, while the other- the less powerful lives in deprivation. 

Similarly, in broader terms, the major reasons why poverty exists in the nation-state is mostly- the factor of illiteracy, unemployment and other orthodox caste practices. 

What poverty leads to?

Poverty leads to various many social evils, the first major problem of poverty is it brings people in this phase of deprivation, where they are unable to have access to necessities. Hence they turn their faces to anti-social activities. 

Poverty promotes the vicious cycle of problems like illiteracy, child labor, unemployment, etc. all together. The reason behind other significant issues in society is majorly poverty. It is eradicating the backbone of society. 

The conclusion to the essay 

Poverty is rusting the underlying mechanisms of the society, the deprived people fail to raise their voice, while the world is progressing so fast, they are left behind, downtrodden, struggling to earn pennies for survival, that way, it is essential to uplift their status in the society, at least give them opportunities, so that they can come in front to get themselves in better situations of life. 

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