Essay on Pollution in English For Children & Students

Essay on Pollution

     Environment means all the surrounding conditions which affect the growth and improvement of life. The atmosphere is made of gases and materials which exist in a particular proportion.

essay on pollution

     When, for any reason, one of the elements increases or decreases, the balance of the whole atmosphere is interrupted. This inequality of the constituents is called pollution of the environment. The pollution is chiefly of two kinds- air pollution and water pollution.

     Air pollution means loss of balance of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases that are found in the air. To be precise, when carbon dioxide increases and oxygen decreases in the air, air pollution takes place. We all know the oxygen in the atmosphere is continually being used up and turned into carbon dioxide when animals breathe, and things burn. But nature has its way to return the used – up oxygen. The green leaves of all trees and plants receive the carbon dioxide from the air and break it up into carbon and oxygen. The coal is used to make starch, and oxygen is released into the atmosphere. That is how trees help to replace the used-up oxygen and keep an equilibrium in the environment.

    But the stability in the environment is being damaged continuously by the man himself. Since long, man has been chopping down trees and plants to use them as fuel and wood for building. This has happened in deforestation leading to an unstable or harmful environment. Thus, deforestation is the first cause of air pollution.
     Another cause is too much use of motorcycles, scooters, tempos, cars, buses, steamers, and airplanes. They all burn oil or coal and add to the carbon dioxide in the air.
     Yet another cause is the modern industrialization which has given and is giving birth to many mills and factories. Their chimneys regularly pour out hazardous gas and smoke, which spoils the environment.

     Air pollution concerns our health very severely. While we breathe, toxic gas and smoke also enter our lungs along with oxygen. They cause disease of lungs and heart. They cause even such serious illnesses as cancer.

    To counter air pollution, we should First, check deforestation and plant as many trees as we can. Also, mills and factories should be built away from human society, and their chimnies should open high up in the sky. Ultimately, the use of coal should be replaced by electricity and solar energy.

    Another kind of Pollution of the environment is water pollution. Water gets polluted when gases, minerals, and other substances, which exist in it, lose their due proportion. The wanted ratio is disturbed mostly when such things as soap, soda, D.D.T., kerosene oil, poisonous medicines, harmful chemicals, and other pollutants are discharged into wells, rivers, and lakes.


    Similar to air pollution, water pollution is also a significant hazard to our health. When polluted water is drunk, it causes such disorders as jaundice, typhoid, cholera, and cancer. It may cause the birth of disabled children.

     Mechanical and other devices should clean the polluted water before it is discharged into rivers and lakes. Nasty injurious rubbish should not be thrown into water sources. We should clean our drinking water by heating and purifying it.

    The environment is a pure and valuable legacy. Our very survival depends on it. It is, consequently, the duty of every man to keep the environment clean, refined, and safe. We should set up environment clubs, ecological expansion camps, and organize seminars and conferences to preserve and promote the human environment.

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