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Essay on Plastic Pollution In English (प्लास्टिक प्रदूषण पर निबंध)

Essay on Plastic Pollution

Let’s start the essay on plastic pollution. 

Quote: ‘Only we humans make waste that nature can not digest”

Outlines of the Essay

  1. Plastic- Introduction
  2. What refers to Plastic Pollution? 
  3. How it’s increasing every day
  4. What to do about Plastic Pollution?
  5. Conclusion of the Essay 

Plastic- Introduction 

Mankind uses ample amounts of plastic. Say each family in India disposes of 40kgs of plastic every year.

plastic pollution

It’s alarming to know of the amount of waste, particularly plastic waste we as humankind generate. It’s significant to understand the harms of plastic and make initiatives to curb the usage of it. Well, it’s true that plastic comes across as the thing that makes routine work, lives appear convenient and cheap. You go to market without a carry bag of yours and make use of polythene bags. The utensils of plastic are way cheaper, but even more dangerous. There’s a need to make people aware, and confirm that the production of plastic is curbed. 

What refers to Plastic Pollution?

plastic pollution

The accumulation of plastic waste and it’s mismanagement lead to various hazards to the environment. In any way that plastic causes harm to nature, human beings and other species come across as a thing called plastic Pollution. Pollution refers to contamination, and when plastic contaminates the nature it is called plastic pollution. 

How is it increasing every day?

plastic pollution

 Today we produce more than 300 million tonnes of plastic, and that’s almost the weight of the entire population on Earth. The miraculous thing plastic that made life easy in the modern world is now a thing for humanity to battle with. 

The thing that we could do is manage plastic waste. Not just throw them anywhere. A lot of animals end up eating up that plastic along with food and dies. Plastic wrappers, plastic bottles that tourists generally throw on beaches threatens marine life. Plastic is a thing to dread. The mismanagement of plastic that humankind does, the whole Earth is going to pay for it. 

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What to do about plastic pollution? 

The government needs to check on plastic usages. We should shut down the manufacturing of plastics, and we as genuine citizens should see to its judicious management. 

Plastic waste doesn’t decompose easily. It’s likely to remain there for years. And burning plastic is even more dangerous. A lot of people when burning the garbage also burn plastic along with it. 

plastic pollution

There’s a need for real execution of plans. Reusing and recycling plastic is a thing that we all know about for really long. But do we have real implications for them? There’s a need for initiatives.

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 Conclusion of the Essay

The major factor of plastic pollution is plastic, as we see. We could cut down the plastic pollution by cutting down the use of plastic. The most important thing about not using plastic could be replacing it with something convenient and accessible. One could make use of paper bags instead of polythenes. And for plastic made utensils one could use the steel or the paper ones if they’re being used for the purpose of disposal. 

plastic pollution

There’s a need for creating awareness and cutting down on plastic usage. 



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