Essay on Newspaper for Children & Students

Essay on Newspaper


Newspaper is a powerful mass media. It plays a vital role in a democratic country. It helps individuals to create their opinion, that is the backbone of democracy. Newspapers have proved that the pen is more powerful than the weapon. They’re excellent suggests that of expressing one’s thought.

Essay on The importance of reading Newspaper 

Evolving the Role of Newspaper

The days are gone when the newspaper was just read to know the news. Its role was minimal and weak. But today news is a part of life; It provides a classified report. There are many pages for various categories of news. We have separate pages for local news, international news, sports news, financial news etc.

Information and Entertainment

Newspapers provide us both information and entertainment. They publish articles on science, medicine, health, cookery, fashion etc. They also inspire us through short stories, jokes, articles quiz etc. They publish exciting comic series, picture quiz, etc., for people.

Career Guidance

Most of the newspapers publish essential career guidelines once or twice a week. They notify us about various academic and vocational courses and competitive examinations. They help us to choose a proper course and career.

Newspapers publish classified ads such as situations vacant, educational, marital, sale and purchase of vehicles, property advertisements. Most of them are very useful. Matrimonials provide a wide choice of matches. ‘Situations Vacant column helps us to get a job.

Disadvantages of Newspaper

Newspapers have some demerits as everything else has. Some advertisements are misleading. They misguide and cheat the reader. Some- times biased articles are published. They cause communal riots, hatred and disunity.


Healthy deletion removes these demerits to a great tent. The conscious reader cannot be misled and deceived by yellow journalism.

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