Essay on My Mother in English (मेरी माँ पर निबंध)

Essay on my mother

Let’s start the essay on my mother. 

Quote “We are born of love; Love is our mother.” “Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.”

my mother

Outline of the Essay

  • Mothers, Introduction.
  • My mother, the best mother in the world
  • Qualities of my mother
  • Mother, the first teacher
  • Conclusion of the Essay

Mothers, Introduction

Mothers and children share the purest form of relationship. Nobody can care for a child like her mother. It’s the most ephemeral and surreal relationship that god gifted mankind. When a mother keeps her baby in her womb for nine months the baby becomes a part of her. She loves her child as much as she can. She is likely to do many sacrifices and take notice of what her child wants.

My mother, the best mother in the world.

My mother sees me like I’m the best child in the world and I see her the same way. Like the best mother in the world. She works hard, she is a professor, she teaches big people in college, she knows a lot of things. She cooks my favourite cheese sandwiches on Sundays. We go on picnics when she’s free and she takes me to parks when we are bored of reading and watching movies at home.

She always makes me feel like I’m one of my kind, and similarly, she is one of hers. She never compares me with other children who come up with ranks in class. She instead encourages me to do what I love. I love writing poems and drawing, she at times wants me to read out my poems to her, I love it when she tells me that one day I would grow up to be an artist.

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Qualities of my mother

  • My mother is very well educated. She loves teaching me. She takes tuitions for poor kids on weekends.
  • She’s very beautiful. I love to see her in saris.
  • She takes care of me. Of herself, she is very conscious of the health of our family.
  • She loves to sing. She sings beautifully.
  • She is very dedicated to her work. She’s an ambitious woman, and I draw my inspiration from her.

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Mother, my first teacher.

My mother taught me the first things in my life. Be it speaking, walking, writing letters, or morals, she was always my first teacher. She still is. She teaches me of things that books don’t speak much about. We could be quite different individuals once I grow up, but I admire my mother for the person she is. I always will.

Conclusion of the Essay

My mother loves me the best. She always thinks the best for me. She loves reading and she suggests me books too. On weekends we are likely to sit together reading books, talking, playing, running in the garden etc. The special bond I share with my mother is irreplaceable.

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