Essay on Mother Teresa in English (मदर टेरेसा पर निबंध)

Essay on Mother Teresa 

Let’s start the essay on mother teresa… 

Outline of the essay

  1. Introduction- Mother Teresa
  2. Her life 
  3. Her great deeds 
  4. She fought against the stigma of leprosy
  5. Conclusion of the essay 

essay on mother teresa

Introduction- Mother Teresa

We all know mother Teresa for her humility, for her service to mankind. She wasn’t originally from India, but it was love that made her so miscible, so close to we Indians. She is widely known for her ideas of humanity, love, and compassion. She left us with her amazing works, and it’s hard for anyone to be like her, the amount of sacrifice that she made for the humankind is very remarkable. 

Her life 

She was born in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and got her birth name as Agnes Gonxha Bajaxahin. She was very young when her struggles began. Her father, unfortunately, died when she was young, her family had the trauma of financial suffering. She began to help her mother in her church work, and only from there, she derived the idea of charity and service to human-kind. She had deep trust in God and her faith was deeply embedded in the idea of love. She decided to be a dedicated nun, and hence she migrated to India, and here she taught as a nun in schools. She started her career, say life as a beginner in Darjeeling. There she chose to learn English as well as Bengali, hence she is often called as Bengali Teresa too. Despite being a European woman by her decent, she wore a cheap white sari. 

Mother Teresa and her deeds 

She became famous amongst the poor. 

She served the people who were starving of human touch and were subjected to atrocities. She worked in slums, where people were majorly infected with leprosy, a disease that can lead to major disfigurations. She established a colony for them, she named that Shanti Nagar. 

She fought against the stigma of leprosy.

In 1979, Mother Teresa received the Nobel prize for peace. She spent that money on more charity. She died of deteriorating health n 5th September 1997 in Kolkata. Anyway, her name is an immortal one, even today. 

Conclusion of the essay 

Mother Teresa rekindled the light of humanity amongst the people, even today we look back at her and wish we could find someone like her in this age, her surreal character, her transparency, her greatness is an example, how love can win over anything. She would say, if you are not capable of feeding a hundred people, feed at least one. She would encourage people to do small things that bring happiness, there is no need of doing only great things, but also small things that matter. 

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