Essay on Love in English (प्रेम पर निबंध)

Essay on Love 

Let’s start the essay on love… 

essay on love

The idea of love is quite an abstract one, it can’t be reduced to mere words. Still, we as human beings try to give words to the idea of love or the one we love. Love is a positive feeling towards someone, something a dream, etc. Loving isn’t limited to loving things or people, people are often in love with their ideas of something and that is very natural. 

When we love someone we care, we thing nice of them, we make sure that we don’t hurt them. We feel affiliated, attached and emotionally validated while being with them. They make us feel nice about ourselves and we try to do the same, we also try that they keep feeling good. 

Love isn’t limited to personal affiliations, we might be loving our community, our family, our school, our college, our teachers, etc. Love is a diverse field and one can never actually describe it completely. It is different for everyone, the definition as well the people he/she loves.

Well, talking about love holistically, love can make the world a better place to dwell in. Nothing else but only love can win over battles, the social-economic divides in the society. The unfairness in society can be overcome by nothing else but love. Even Mother Teresa would talk about the strength of love, love could make you do miraculous things in love, and one should always love the idea of love. It will make the world a better, happier place for living. 

The growing terrorism, mass destruction, the exploitation going around in the world can be only reduced by love, the reason why terrorists kill people mercilessly is that they have become numb towards the idea of loving, of loving humanity. If we could enlighten love in their hearts, the world would be such a pure place to live in. 

Love could make people, society, nations a better version of what they are. 

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