Essay on Internet (इंटरनेट पर निबंध) 2019

Essay on Internet

Essay on Internet

Let’s start the essay on internet…….

 Quote – “I think anyone who uses the web is smart and will profit.” – Jason Mraz

 Outlines of the Essay

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • The advantages of internet
  • The disadvantages of internet
  • A new realm- the virtual world 

essay on internet

Introduction to the Internet

Internet is a gift of mankind to mankind. It has revolutionised how things work in the system. Things have become easier and the efficiency of the things have enhanced. Call the internet but it has changed people’s lives drastically. 

Internet was first used in 1969, and now every corner of the world, nations have internet access and the liberty to make use of it. 

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Advantages of Internet

The Internet has increased the pace of things. Any type of information is just a click away. There are multiple numbers of web pages, and so many people are connected. 

The Internet has opened up new domains of operations, like digital marketing etc. 

Kids can have access to any type of information and that too requires an easy move.

Having an internet connection is so common and also a necessity. The culture of free WiFi sells the most. Internet is required, essential and the most available.

People have found everything there, friends through social media, entertainment, jobs, work, money, everything. What is it that’s not there on the internet? 

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Disadvantages of internet

The evil side of everything is haunting the world. Similarly, there’s a negative side of the internet when you flip the angle.

The Internet has made us all more vulnerable since the time it’s there and in use. It’s people only, who are a threat to people, and the internet makes it more possible. The potential threat can easily have access to the people he wants to harm. 

Online trolling is much more than mere social humiliation. The Internet makes things faster, quicker, and even the dangers, the perils of mankind. 

The rigorous use of pornography, social media etc are harming the psyche of the youth today. That information, that platform is very easily accessible and it distances them from the reality of things. 

The other problems with the internet, viruses, spamming etc. The human mind suffers more. They begin to lack peace in their lives. 

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A new realm – Conclusion of the Essay

The Internet creates another world of its own. It’s the virtual world. We all live in it, and some of us live more in the virtual world than they could in our real lives. There’s a thing to build a bridge with the real world. The virtual world, the internet brings you closer as well as distant. But the thing is, there’s a need for striking this balance. Everyone is likely to use a tool differently, we just advise you to use it wisely as well. 

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