Essay on Importance of Reading Newspaper 

Essay on The importance of reading Newspaper 

Let’s start the essay on importance of newspaper… 

Outline of the essay 

  • Introduction- Newspaper 
  • Social awareness 
  • Helps one develop a perspective 
  • Helps in enhancing your language skills 
  • Conclusion of the Essay 

Essay on The importance of reading Newspaper 

Introduction- Newspaper

We all are familiar with what newspapers are like, they come in a journal like sheets, properly knit with proper news and information in categorized sections of – Politics, City happenings, International news, Editorials, Opinions, Entertainment and Sports. A few days, newspapers also publish pages on writings, art, psychological issues, daily life problems, kids, etc. Newspapers make us understand the dynamics of the time. 

There are many that we are used to seeing every day, the English newspapers like the Hindu, the Times of India, the Indian Express, etc. are quite popular ones. Newspapers come in vernacular languages too, the first known Newspaper in India was called Bengal Gazette. 

Social Awareness 

Through reading newspapers, one gets to be socially aware. It is a way of enlightening yourself with what surrounds you; you know what government is in power. Through newspapers, through media democracy of the country strengthens. There is no point of democracy if it’s country’s citizens are not aware; hence, newspapers are the primary ways through which masses can get informed and understand the cycles of society. 

Helps one develop a perspective 

Reading the newspaper every day also helps one understand and analyze things around. It gives you a better frame of the government, the politics, the society, the crimes, the laws, the industries, the economy, etc. You develop a perspective. 

Perspective, having your stand on things is one of the crucial things that is the need of time. Maybe you want to change the things, but for that, the first step is to know the things, Newspaper does that helps you develop a perspective of your own. 

Helps to enhance language skills 

Reading newspapers also helps you have a grip over the language. People who want to learn English are often suggested to read the English Newspaper; similarly, even if you are reading a Hindi newspaper, it enhances your proficiency in Hindi. A lot of competitive exams require you to study the Newspaper thoroughly. A newspaper helps you build on vocabulary, grammar, spellings, etc. 

Conclusion of the essay 

A newspaper is a way through which you could gain a lot of practical knowledge; it is disgraceful not to know what is happening around, so read the newspaper every day, and be aware and sound about things. 

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