Essay on Floods with Outline (बाढ़ पर निबंध)

Essay on Floods

Let’s start the essay on floods… 

Outline of the Essay

  • Introduction- What is Flood
  • Causes of Flood 
  • Flood, a disaster
  • Conclusion of the essay 

essay on floods

Introduction – What is Flood

Flood refers to the overflow of a large amount of water in one area, where water can’t find a way to exit and hence too much water at one place leading to sufferings, and problems could be referred as a flood. Many regions in India and the world face flood-related problems. 

Causes of flood 

A flood occurs due to excessive downpour of water and injudicious management of the rainwater and the lacunae in the proper drainage system. The seriousness, the magnitude, the severity of flood could vary from one region to another based on the topographical factors. 

The binaries in the Indian systems of weather and climate are startling. In a few places/regions, there’s drought, while in a few- floods. The recent example of Mumbai and the outskirts being affected by water-logging and floods is an apt one. Floods don’t only obstruct the general routine but are hazardous, and if it comes in exceeded levels, it could threaten lives too. 

Flood- A disaster 

Floods are disasters, they threaten the well being of people, they cause various problems, here we see the types of floods.

There are three kinds of floods. 

1. Slow on- Set Floods 

When water bodies such as river or ponds overflow, this kind of flood develop gradually and remain for a week or two. These can cause diseases and bring all the non-hygienic substances in the environment. 

2. Rapid on- Set Floods 

Such floods take longer to build up and they are very destructive, people are alarmed in the localities to move away or take safety measures for their properties and themselves. 

3. Flash Floods

They occur in short duration, these come very suddenly, out of heavy rainfall. This could lead to mass destruction, it is very dangerous.

Conclusion of the essay 

We should build upon ways to mitigate the effects of floods or heavy rainfall. We should build dams judiciously, they could help a locality manage excessive water in the area. Similarly, planting trees, and by increasing the absorbing property of the soil through planting more and more trees we can find a way to deal with floods.

Hope you loved the essay on floods. Please let me know in comments how it was. Thank you.


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