Essay on Cricket in English (क्रिकेट पर निबंध)

Essay on cricket

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Outline of the Essay 

  • Cricket- Introduction
  • Complexities of the game
  • A few things about Cricket
  • The other skills related to playing Cricket 

essay on cricket

Cricket- Introduction

Cricket is an interesting outdoor game, widely played by people in all countries. The craze for cricket in India doesn’t need proof, anyway. Though it is not very popular in the united states as it is in India, England and Australia. In India, people relate to cricket stars and are fascinated by the game. In every household, we see a boy who loves cricket or wants to be ones like Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli.

Complexities of the game

There are many complexities and rules related to cricket, one can’t play or understand the game without knowing them, but eventually with watching and playing the game one gets familiar with the game. It is played well on the dry ground and it is impossible to play a nice match on wet ground, hence we see that matches get postponed when it rains, etc.

Cricket could be perceived as a complex game, but if practised and watched regularly, one would realize, its not rocket science. There are many die-hard fans of cricket in India. 

Cricket has left mostly the young boys in the influence, we have come to realize, that its mostly boys and not girls who are more enthusiastic about the game. We can’t gender the game, but anyhow, this is how it has always been. There’s a need for girls to take part in the game as well, and not to leave it only for one gender to play. 

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A few things about Cricket

Cricket matches are played generally for five days with one day as the rest day. There are two teams with eleven players each. Win or loss is decided on the paradigm of the total runs scored, whosoever team has the highest scores of runs, wins. 

The other skills related to playing Cricket 

Playing cricket has various health benefits, you are likely to remain fit if you’re a regular player, along with that, cricket would help one in building on various other skills as well, say it helps one develop the side of inter-personal skills, leadership, team-work, will power and stronger self-esteem. Cricket despite being a complex game is a favourite of many people in India.

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