Essay on Computers in English (कंप्यूटर पर निबंध)

Essay on Computers

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Outline of the Essay

  • Introduction- Computers
  • The use of computers
  • Technology- a major aid to human life
  • Conclusion of the Essay

essay on computers

Introduction- Computers

Computers are artificial intelligence systems that have enabled humans and their lives to function more efficiently. Computers are the machines the entire Human race relies on. We have computers everywhere, in offices, in schools, in households, etc. They’re faster than the human brain, though ironically made by humans only. 

Charles Babbage is known as the father of computers. He invented an analytical engine in 1837.

He introduced mankind of the idea that there could be something supreme than the human brain and that could ease our work, our tasks and enhance the quality of our lives. 

The use of computers

The use of computers is everywhere, in almost every sphere. In offices, there are computers used to collect data, analyze data and create solutions. Computers are human aid, to think of lives today without computers is challenging. 

There are other uses too, we use it in Colleges, in schools, etc. The use of the internet and the availability of connectivity brings us closer to the world of information and ability. Through the use of the internet and computers, we see that the human race has become more competent and capable. 

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Technology, a major aid to human life

Humans nowadays completely rely on computers, technology, machines. Computers are indeed, reliable machines that we can leave our information, our data in. 

Computers have two major components- hardware and software. Hardware is the tangible part of the computer, while the software- the intangible. The computer has other important parts as well, like a mouse, CPU, monitor, keyboard, joystick, etc. 

We also have a more portable version of computers, they’re laptops and are massively used. Laptops have become a necessity now. 

Conclusion of the Essay

Computers are a great gift to human life. It has made life more convenient and has enhanced our work quality. But still, there’s a need for striking a balance in the time we use on Computers. It is suggested to check on the time one uses on-screen as spending too much time on computer screens can cause eye problems, headaches etc.

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