Essay on Animals in English 500 Words (पशुओं पर निबंध)

Essay on Animals 

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Outline of the Essay 

  • Introduction – Animals 
  • Different animals we see around 
  • Food chain 
  • Animals, their lives are in danger
  • Conclusion of the Essay 

essay on animals

Introduction- Animals 

We human beings also have our evolution from animals, that says, we were first animals, they were called amphibians. Anyway, similarly, there are many animals in the environment. They also help enable the ecosystem ‘s balance. Our world, the nature around us functions on various cyclic processes and animals are also an inevitable part of that. 

Different animals we see around

Different kinds of animals that we see around we can broadly divide them into two categories one of them is a wild animal and the other one is a domestic animal. 

They are herbivorous carnivorous and omnivorous. Some of them eat plants, they are called herbivores. Similarly, the animals, who prey on other animals are called carnivores. While omnivores are those who consume both flesh and plants. A lot of people around us even have pets like dogs cats rabbits, etc. People tame them to be friendly and helpful. The doctors for animals are called veterans. 

Well, the entire animal world is divided into five types, they are amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, and insects.

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Food chain

There’s a cycle based on which the systems of our ecology work. Animals are important in that cycle, with them being missing in the cycle, it’s going to create an imbalance in the functionality of the ecological system. There’s a need to look for proper awareness programs regarding the safety of animals, they are important not just for the environment but also human beings. They play their role in the bigger picture, say of the food chain. 

The food chain is a process when one organism eats one and is being eaten by the other. That completes the cycle for the perfect balance of ecology. 

Animals, their lives are in danger

Their lives are in danger. Human beings for their well being and their comfort play with their existence. The cutting down of trees and capturing their inhabited space for creating human space endangers their lives. 

We take away their forests, and it gets hard for a lot of animals to survive without their natural inhabitation. We can’t pet all animals, they have their own comfortable space with their species around them, humans should see that they don’t affect other species while looking for their benefits. 

Conclusion of the Essay 

Animals should be saved and taken care of. More green reserves need to be built, which would give them some space to live comfortably while humans live comfortably in their rich apartments. They have equal rights to survival and that point should be taken care of.

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