Essay on Agriculture (कृषि पर निबंध)

Essay on Agriculture

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Outline of the Essay

  • Introduction – Agriculture
  • India and Agriculture
  • Types of Agriculture
  • Importance of Agriculture
  • Conclusion of the Essay

essay on agriculture

Introduction- Agriculture

Agriculture is the process of producing food, fibre, herbs/plants whatever that’s for use, through cultivation or farming. Agricultural activities are the basis for man’s survival. We acquire so much from Agriculture, our food, our furniture, clothes, cotton, and the most important occupation. India is an agricultural country, the people in India largely draw their survival and wages through agricultural activities.

A few states like Punjab still do farming largely.

Agriculture has all scientific, artistic as well commercial aspect to it. Agriculture involves science, there are scientific studies based on how to enhance the product quality or say the quality of agriculture.

Similarly, Agriculture is also a skill of art. People are skilled enough to engage in this activity. Any layman can’t start with agricultural activities without any proper training or guidance. Likewise, agriculture has a major commercial and economic role to play in the nation-states well. The product generates revenue and resources for other purposes.

India and Agriculture

Indian population, mostly in rural areas have their main occupation as agriculture. Where there are industries, there are farms. Though these days, there’s a growing trend of capitalizing farms and agricultural activities too.

The activities like agriculture, fisheries, etc are likely to make one-third of the GDP. Similarly, agriculture alone makes up to 16% contribution to the nation’s GDP. In India, 49% of its population depends on agriculture for wages or call it an occupation.

Green revolution has been the biggest revolution in the namesake of revolution in agriculture.

Types of Agriculture

There are various forms of agriculture. They are- subsistence farming, shifting agriculture, intensive agriculture, plantation farming, terrace farming, etc. The types of agriculture depend on variations that the environment, topography and the suitability and the need of the climate has to offer.

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Importance of Agriculture

Agriculture serves as a means of livelihood, economic agency for around 49% of the Indian population.

The largest sector of the economy.

The production of resources like food, wood, fabric is also depending on agriculture.

Agriculture is a way of livelihood. This has been the history of India and its important to preserve that as a healthy practice. Though extensive farming should be avoided.

Conclusion of the Essay

Agriculture has been a thing for India for very long. This is the practice that people have been relying on. Even our government relies on it. There’s a need to check on farmers- suicide rates in India and see if the class of farmers are given spaces to grow as well.

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