Essay on A Journey by Train | A journey by Train Essay for Class 10 & 12

Essay on A Journey by Train

The Greatness of Journeys

Journeys is paramount in our life. We get a lot from them — a journey trains what a hundred books teach us numerous months. Student-life is a proper time for such adventures.

essay on a journey by train

Preparations before the journey

In the Christmastime vacation, last year, I chose to tour Agra. Two of my friends also agreed to follow me. All of us desired to see the world-famous TajMahal. First of all, we gathered outfits and backpacks. Then we collected our bags.

The scene at the booking-window

We noticed a large crowd in the waiting hall. The view was noisy and complicated. My friend was braid before the booking-window. My friend got three-second class tickets for Agra. The reservation was not possible at that stage.

What we noticed on the platform

A vast crowd was waiting for the train when we entered in the platform. Some people were sitting on benches. Others were standing here and there.

When the train arrived

At last, the horn went, and our train appeared. It was reaching a bit late. Fortunately, it was not full, and we got there seats in a compartment. After half an hour, the train departed the Ratlam railway station. Now we started the real journey.

In the train

There was a harsh noise in the compartment. People of different castes and creeds were sitting together. Many of them were struggling for seats. Some were sleeping. Many others were discussing. A bag dropped upon my head but got no damage. We began to watch the view outside. The train passed rivers, plains, and valleys. We saw ranges of mountains outside Small villages looked like toys.


We arrived at Agra the next morning. Hence, our journey came to an end. We learned significantly from this journey. It was remarkable and exciting.

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