Dowry System Essay | Essay on Dowry System in 500 Words

Dowry System Essay


Dowry is an ancient culture. It has ever been an essential part of a marriage. It means money, in cash and kind, which is brought by a bride to her husband’s house. It was meant to help the newly-wedded couple set up a new home and live happily. Thus dowry was all right then. Even now, there is no wrong in giving dowry willingly and when it is within reach of the parents of the bride. But it is a curse when it is heartlessly pulled from them.

dowry system essay

Demand of Dowry

In our culture, dowry is a curse more often than not, because it has now become a sort of bargain to the loss of the parents of a girl. The father of a daughter is asked to give a dowry enough beyond his means.

The tragedy

The demand of dowry is nothing but a desire for money which can never be filled. The result is that even after the agreed dowry is given, the girl is continuously hurt, insulted, and wounded to bring in more and more from her parents. Her incapacity to do so results either in killing or in self-murder.
Daily we read news about the mortality of newly-wedded girls. One young bride dies in stove-explosion, another is found hanging from the ceiling fan, the body of yet another is obtained from a well or on the railway track.

Legal steps against dowry

The dowry system is criticized daily by all, but nothing fruitful has been done so far. Anti-dowry bills have been passed. Laws against asking and attempting dowry have been made many a time, but the scandal remains unabated.


But law alone cannot do much. Society Must also come ahead to help itself. Proper education of the public mind in this matter through various means is required. Schools, colleges and universities should hold seminars and discussions to consider the problem of dowry.

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