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A Visit to Zoo Essay


A visit to the zoo is ever enjoyable. It is also a part of our information. A terrarium is an extraordinary collection of animals and birds.

a visit to zoo essay

Where it Situated

Last year when vacations, I experienced a pleasant visit to a zoo at Bhopal. The zoo is located in a big garden in natural surroundings. The view at the entry gate -There was a grand rush at the booking window. After getting the tickets we went inside the zoo through the main gate.

Animals and birds

The zoo spread in a large area. There were several rare animals and birds too. I noticed that the animals and birds kept with great care in big cages. As I passed the large lawns, I saw various monkeys and apes. I saw different kinds of birds. I was jovial to see them. They were swinging and jumping. I gave bananas and some grams to the monkeys and the apes to eat. In a big cage, I saw two lions and one cub. They were terrifying yet beautiful. They were walking to and fro in the cage. What inspired me most was the sight of a hippopotamus. What a fantastic animal it was! Its body was covered with scales of tight skin.


The birds and animals very much influenced me in the zoo. I thought that a visit to a zoo is exceptionally informative and we can learn a lot from it.

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